In VnG Basketball Agency our philosophy approaching the representation of a professional athlete is summed up in 3 letters: H, K, & C. Personally as an agent I believe and truly try to adhere to these three components.

H stands for honesty, which is the backbone of any human relationship. I have established myself as an agent who is upfront with his clients by telling them the truth. Over the years, VnG Basketball Agency has not only been honest with their clients but also realistic in advising the players based on the current market conditions.

K stands for knowledge. I pride myself on my knowledge of both the European and American basketball markets. Having grown up and worked the past 16 years in the European basketball field, I consider myself an expert of the European market. I have secured hundreds of deals for players in over 20 countries. What makes me and my agency stand out is my direct contact with every major European team. VnG Basketball Agency is the only agency that provides direct placement in Europe without in-between agents. Conversely, every other US based agent will use an in between local agent when placing a player overseas. I provide this unique privilege to our clients because of my in-depth knowledge of the European market which enables me to secure you a job that will combine good basketball conditions both on and off the court, a good salary, and a coach who will understand and help you develop and grow your game.

C stands for communication. Every relationship depends heavily on communication and mutual understanding. One of my priorities is to form a long term relationship with my clients where both sides will have a mutual understanding and appreciation for one another. Within time, my goal is that clients look at me not only as their representation, but also as someone you can trust and rely on. I encourage clients to communicate with me and keep me updated with current events or issues. I am also multilingual speaking fluent English, Greek, and Spanish. My ability to communicate in different languages continues to give me a clear cut advantage when I am negotiating contracts throughout Europe. Importantly, I am always available 24/7 either via email or phone. VnG Basketball Agency can also provide support and knowledge to help you with phone/computer and other technological needs overseas.